Pivoting Together to Support Global Agriculture

Trella is addressing the global need for farmers to be able to produce maximum crop yields with minimal labor and waste.

We’re hearing a lot about and from businesses “pivoting” in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. While some pivoted with altruistic intentions to protect others and keep their workers employed by making hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment (PPE), we all saw – or experienced – ugly instances of price gouging, and even some businesses attempting to commit fraud with false claims on their Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan applications.

Those are not the types of businesses that Trella wants to grow with.

Since Day 1, Trella Technologies is a mission-driven and solutions-driven business. When we started back in 2016, our original prototype was created to address the global need for farmers to be able to produce maximum crop yields with minimal labor and waste, using environmentally sustainable and energy-reducing techniques. I talk in a recent episode of my Mind Release podcast about the early days of exploring vertical farming and developing Trella to help grow cannabis and fruit. Listen here.

I also share how, due to the recent pandemic and the political environment we’re in now, feel an intensifying sense of urgency to scale Trella to the point where it can provide solutions for plant maintenance not just for cannabis but for our global food supply, in a way that doesn’t cause more harm to the earth.

Our TrellaGro LST™ device technology is positioned to be a solution for land farmers addressing food shortages and food desert communities. It can also provide methods for growing food indoors on naval vessels and railcars en route to remote markets. As the COVID-19 pandemic illustrated, it is not unreasonable to anticipate emergency situations where sea vessels cannot dock for supplies and would need to have the technology and controlled environment to grow food on board. Our technology could also be employed by NASA in trials to uncover new food production methods for spacecraft and space stations!

I’ve long believed that the cannabis industry has the capacity to revive and save the agricultural industry by applying the same excitement, technology and innovation that we’ve put into cannabis. That’s why Trella is accelerating our pivot to help solve the global food supply problem. And as we pivot to focus on fruit production in addition to cannabis, we’re excited to welcome new R&D partners with fruit and produce experience – and alignment with Trella’s values – to the team.

Speaking of values: We (Trella) are a team of diverse human beings working together towards a common cause. We stand united in the movement towards social and racial justice. We believe, understand, and know that Black Lives Matter and we look forward to working with those in our community that understand this as well.

Are we aligned? Learn more about Trella Technologies and our mission to revolutionize indoor farming here.