Our Big Step Toward a Better Future

Trella is opening doors to public investors through our Wefunder campaign aiming to raise $2.5M

It’s pretty exciting living in the 21st century. Even with the pandemic, climate troubles looming beyond the horizon, political and cultural division at home, and geopolitical tensions internationally, we somehow find it difficult to be pessimistic about the future.

Did you know that 90% of all scientists that ever lived are alive today? And that more resources are getting funneled into forward-looking, innovative organizations with each passing year?

We’re living through another age of exploration, but the frontier we are expanding isn’t a geographical one, but one of knowledge. 

At Trella, we are proud that we are one of the organizations driving the expansion of this frontier. Our belief in working for a more inspiring future for all is why in 2021 we switched to a Benefit Corp. Each day, together with our peer engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, we are working to make human lives all over the planet better. 

At this moment, more than 6 years after the company started in 2016 and after 7 iterations of our TrellaGRO LSTtm, we are ready to make a big leap into the future. We have a commercially viable product that is ready to revolutionize vertical farming, and we are boldly entering the efficiency and growth phases of our company. Our patent was officially awarded in early 2021, and since then our revenue has increased 19X. Trella is ready to scale-up operations.


We successfully raised $84k in the private testing the waters phase on our Wefunder campaign, and we plan to reach $2.5M within the next 6 months by opening the doors to startup investors.

The Problem we are Solving

Without a doubt, even though indoor agriculture is in its infancy, it would be a key technology driver for human prosperity in the 21st century. With a growing population and an unpredictable climate, being able to grow food on less land and regardless of weather patterns would become ever-increasingly important.

Currently, indoor farming setups have big limitations. Stacked or container farming solutions have limited height for plant growth, which means that a limited variety of plants can be grown that way, and current solutions consume a lot of energy.

The conventional way to solve this problem is either to grow shorter plants or to perform manual “plant-training”, which is labor-intensive and impacts revenue.

Our solution is a plant-training robot that does the job better:our solution

TrellaGro LST™ is the only automated solution to growing tall fruiting and flowering plants through vertical farming.

The market opportunity is immense - including Cannabis and food producers, there is a $380 billion agricultural market projected by 2027.

With a longer horizon, however, we strongly believe this is just the start. In the long run, indoor agriculture will increase its overall share of worldwide food production because of numerous benefits, both pragmatic and ecological. Even while the human population is growing, transitioning from outdoor monocultures to indoor farms means a lot more land left for wildlife and a greener, more healthy world.

Last but not least - getting people to Mars is fun, but feeding them once they are there is equally important.

How are we going to get to the future?

Needless to say, getting to where we are currently wasn’t easy.  Hardware startups are notoriously capital-intensive, and we are quite proud that through efficient resource allocation we managed to build a commercially viable product for less than $600K in startup capital.

how we stack up

We are already starting to feel a pull from the market - in Q1 2022, we personally delivered several Model 4 & 6 TrellaGro LST units to customers in Hawaii and the southern US.

However, in order to sell more, for example to larger commercial operators and food producers, we need to ramp up production, for which we need capital.

That’s why we’re opening our door to new investors through WeFunder who share our values and want to work with us and help us get to a better future faster.

2022 Pitch Deck_Public_WeFunder (1)

The growth opportunity is significant - as mentioned, our TAM is $380B. However, we expect sharp growth even in the short to mid-term. We are selling TrellaGro LST Models along with annual service contracts, R&D consulting, and an app subscription. Bearing in mind the annual yield benefits of our product, we expect our sales efforts to be successful, and the biggest limitation to our growth is our limited production capacity, which can increase significantly when we raise our target amount of $2.5 million.

Will you join us?

If you want to own a part of Trella and join us in our mission to shape the 21st century into something truly inspirational, then please head over to our WeFunder landing page for more information.



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