How Farmers Can Protect Their Legacy

A call-to-action from our CEO, Aja Atwood:

Mother Earth is in a furious state of flux....and, I've seen this coming for decades.

As a natural catastrophe risk engineer who’s written some of the engineering standards for major property insurance companies like AIG, Liberty Mutual, etc.; I can confidently warn that this increase in natural disasters will continue to test our weak infrastructure and our food supply.

It’s not an accident. I could share more stories. Perhaps in another forum.

So what then? What about our family, our businesses, our farms? Leave it to chance and hope they won't be impacted. Come on now….some of us are smarter than that! We learn, plan and then act! It's time to get proactive!

The first step is to figure out if you’re exposed to a disaster such as the ones experienced in Jackson, Mississippi, power outages in Texas, wildfires in California, etc. And, what you can do to protect your assets, livelihood, and legacies.

To help, we’ve put together a free resource. It’s a 20 min presentation called the Top 5 Climate Risks Farmers Aren’t Ready For - How to Protect Your Agribusiness.

It applies to all types of businesses. But, at Trella we focus on food because it’s high on the priority list to sustain life, right after water. It's even more important than shelter, you can't build it if you don't have the calories (ask the survival enthusiasts😏).

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