How To Use The Horizontal Plant Training Method For Optimal Growth

Horizontal Plant Training For Optimal Growth

If you’re growing indoors, you have height restrictions that not only affect the way you grow, but your actual harvest quality and yield. And regardless of which lights you use, a traditional overhead grow light cannot penetrate lower branches, which limits yield.

But with Trella’s automated plant training system, lack of height is no longer limiting growth potential. As we continue refining our next design and making the system ready for home and commercial cultivators, check out the various ways you can train your plants to optimize plant growth and increase yield by 25-40%.


Topping, Supercropping and Scrogging

These techniques all require pruning of branches at the lower part of the plants. Removing these branches prevents waste of water and nutrients, but also reduces the number and size of colas a plant will produce. Learn more about these methods here.

Low Stress Training

Low Stress Training is a method near and dear to Trella because our system combines the benefits of low stress training with automation. Also, low stress training doesn’t require any actual cuts, which can damage plants and slow down or inhibit growth.

With gentle bending of branches, low stress training allows the plant to grow in a sideways direction, letting all side branches receive more optimal light and grow into their own cola. Unlike with the training methods mentioned above, where branches are trimmed, horizontal growing through low stress training allows growers to keep all branches intact and therefore maximize yields.

Trella growth compared to other methods

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