Is Tying Your Plants Tying You Down?

Is Plant Tying, Tying You Down?

No matter where you are right now in the U.S. and what your climate may be, if you are an indoor cannabis plant grower, you know that things are about to get busy! And for those of us who cultivate our cannabis crops in controlled environments, we ask ourselves the usual questions like, “How much flower can I get per plant?”; “How much will I need to trim and sacrifice in order to ensure those nice big cola?”;  and, of course, “Do I have time to train my plants to grow to their fullest potential indoors?”.  

We have been asking our community members questions about their indoor grow methods and the time they spend plant tying and trimming for best results. Here is what we discovered over the past year:

  • Of all the folks we spoke to across the country, there is an even split between the number of residential and commercial growers in our survey. Most use Screen of Green (ScrOG) and soil.
  • Residential plant growers averaged 8-10 plants in 196 square feet of space, and reported more than 40 hours of tying and training per month 
  • Commercial plant growers maintained a median of 500 plants in 2,000 square feet of space and reported 120 hours per month or more spent tying and trimming.

Every time plants are touched, trimmed, and tied, they need to exert energy to adapt. Consider that the more you squeeze between your plants to care for them, the greater the risk that biotic stressors can be introduced to a crop that is already stressed from manipulation. And if you are a commercial grower, you may even need extra help to get all of your plants trained, especially those extra tall strains that can force you up a ladder to perform a tricky and dangerous balancing act.   

Compare these methods and results to an indoor grow using our automated TrellaGro LST™ units with low-stress plant training. With only 12 minutes of labor per day, TrellaGro LST™ can maximize your space and your yield by leaving branches intact. Vegetation is reduced to 2 months, leading to more frequent and robust harvests totaling 4 pounds per plant per year.  

Chart_blueYou don’t need to be a mathematician to see that LESS WORK + MORE HARVEST PER PLANT IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT = $$$ IN YOUR POCKET! 

Automated grow technology not only gives us the freedom to grow what we want where we want, but it gifts us with more free time and cash to enjoy reaping what we sow. So, how will you automate your grow this year? If you're interested in learning more about automated plant maintenance, click below.