Indoor Agriculture for Community Placemaking

Changing with the Climate - Indoor Farming for Agricultural Revitalization

How to Maximize Your Home Grow and Stay Legit

Vertical Farming - How Does it Stack Up?

Soil, Hydroponics, and Aeroponics: Choosing an Indoor Grow Medium

What is Controlled Environment Agriculture?

Photo Credit: Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture Those of you who have been following us are very familiar with Trella Technologies’ dedication to creating automated and sustainable solutions for indoor food and Cannabis cultivation. We often refer to the acronym CEA when we are discussing the structures that can be used to produce food and medicine indoors and in small.

Cloning with Mother Plants

In this blog post, you will learn the advantages of using mother plants and how to maximize mother plant cuttings in a controlled indoor growing environment where space may be a challenge. Mother plant cloning is a propagation technique that saves time and space and provides more harvests throughout the year. Cannabis cultivators are looking to work smarter, not harder.

Celebrating Mother Plants with Linda Noel and Terrapin Farm

May is the month to celebrate those who nurture and cultivate the best qualities in others. For us at Team Trella, “mothering” means caring for plants, including mother plants, and the planet as well. The timing seems just right for us to announce our newest Elite R&D Membership with Terrapin Farms.

Is Tying Your Plants Tying You Down?

Is Plant Tying, Tying You Down? No matter where you are right now in the U.S. and what your climate may be, if you are an indoor cannabis plant grower, you know that things are about to get busy! And for those of us who cultivate our cannabis crops in controlled environments, we ask ourselves the usual questions like, “How much flower can I get per plant?”; “How much will I need to trim and.

How To Use The Horizontal Plant Training Method For Optimal Growth

Horizontal Plant Training For Optimal Growth If you’re growing indoors, you have height restrictions that not only affect the way you grow, but your actual harvest quality and yield. And regardless of which lights you use, a traditional overhead grow light cannot penetrate lower branches, which limits yield.