Screen of Green using Automated Low-Stress Training

Screen of Green Using Automated Low-Stress Training Done correctly, low-stress training helps plants grow bigger. Done with the TrellaGro LST™, low-stress training gets kicked up a notch with the benefit of automation.

US Patent Office sends Trella a Holiday Surprise!😮

Trella Receives A Holiday Surprise   Happy New Year Friends! We have some wonderful news to share with our investors and supporters! We received our Notice of Allowance from the US Patent & Trade office! Until now, our automated grow technology has been praised by growers and industry experts as the future of indoor farming. With this patent, the future becomes now! We are officially recognized.

USPTO says Trella Tech's Patent is Allowed!

Trella Earns USPTO Tech Patent   A major milestone accomplished in 2020! Trella Technologies, a Massachusetts-based innovator of energy-efficient and globally-scalable solutions to problems unique to the indoor farming industry, received notice that its application for a patent relating to its system and method for automated plant training has been allowed by the United States Patent and.

Indoor Farming with Outdoor Results

Indoor Farming with Outdoor Results Hey Friends! We wanted to make sure you didn't miss our BIG plant reveal! One of our Instagram followers said it best: "That plant does not look like an indoor plant. Look at the stem structure and the stalk and the color of the plant!" - Anonymous IG Follower

And the Winner is...Cannabis!

Cannabis Wins Big During 2020 Election It’s probably not surprising that cannabis has bridged a gap for us this election year! The team at Trella Technologies has been excitedly prepping for this long-awaited, historical moment and we are ready to celebrate!

The Great Indoors Just Got A Lot More Interesting

Trella Recognized as Cutting Edge Innovation   Hello and Happy Harvest 2020! May your labor be rewarded with bounty enough to keep you well and sustained until next season. You deserve a rest!

Sustainability in 3D Printing

Trella Uses Innovation In Processes And Products As a tech company, Trella is always looking for ways to incorporate innovation into our processes and products, to align with the needs of our community and natural environment.

Funding Innovation with SBIR Grants

Revolutionizing indoor cultivation Innovative ideas can hit quickly. But turning ideas into solutions and market-ready products can take a very long time, especially for self-funded entrepreneurs and those working in emerging industries. (Folks like Trella Technologies!) In those cases, it’s especially important for innovators to know where they can obtain funding, such as loans and grants.

Turning Supporters into Investors via Reg CF

How To Turn Supporters Into Investors One of the chief challenges entrepreneurs share is the age-old question: “How are we going to pay for this?” It takes capital to turn an idea into a prototype, and more capital to make adjustments along each step of the journey leading to your final market-ready product or service. For entrepreneurs lacking social capital, such as women, people of color,.

Pivoting Together to Support Global Agriculture

Trella is addressing the global need for farmers to be able to produce maximum crop yields with minimal labor and waste. We’re hearing a lot about and from businesses “pivoting” in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. While some pivoted with altruistic intentions to protect others and keep their workers employed by making hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment (PPE), we all saw – or.