The Ag Industry - Not Ready for Climate Risk

During our Trella LIVE sessions over the past few weeks, we've covered the recent news regarding climate change, and the need for more than just talk. We need climate action! But, there's so much to tackle, and what is the right action?

Trella Technologies recently participated as a co-investigator for the CCOE Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Research Report– 6. This study/survey sought to understand linkages in the U.S. regulated cannabis industry between awareness of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), meaning a business’s responsibility to improve its environmental and social footprint, and actual behavior in business practices and operations.

The survey also asked about the broader issue of climate change and what preparations businesses were doing to reduce the risk of climate-related disasters, as well as how they were engaging in certain practices to mitigate their own impacts on the climate.


The above responses make it seem as though the majority of the industry is prepared for the impact, or at least aware. However, when we asked the respondents for specifics on what they were actually doing to prepare, the results were a bit concerning. Many respondents offered details regarding their push for sustainability such as, reducing their supply chain inputs, or finding sources for renewable energy, recapturing water, going organic and/or reducing waste.

All of this is great, as it reduces the reliance on external factors and reduces the impact on Mother Earth. But, unfortunately, the above examples will not mitigate the risk of flood damage, hailstorms, wildfires or hurricanes. It's great to have access to well water vs. the city grid but what happens to the well when the area is inundated with contaminated flood water? What happens to the solar panels when a hailstorm or hurricane travels through the region? Past loss history confirms that: operations will cease, business interruption will ensue, and customers will find another solution resulting in a loss of market share (something insurance does not cover).

Further action and education is needed in this area. And, this is where Trella Technologies' products and services such as our Sustainability and Climate Risk consultation will help.

And, last week we started our first series on solar panels and how the impact of natural disasters, such as hail, will have an impact on the greater agricultural community. Our CEO, Aja Atwood, explains the impact of hail on solar panels and how most of the US Midwest will be impacted, even when using solar panels that are UL tested and rated for hail impact.


And, if you want to check out the entire episode to learn more about what property owners can do to protect their solar panel investment, click here.

Until next time!