Trella QA Video Series: Mold and Pest Prevention In Growing

Attention Indoor Growing Revolutionaries! Reduce Mold and Pests In Your Growing

As part of our commitment to offering our community all of the tools needed to succeed at indoor growing using our TrellaGro LST™ units, Trella Technologies is creating a new video series on our YouTube Channel based on direct questions from dedicated growers like yourself. For your convenience, we will be sending regular emails which will give you access to our Q&A series and a peek at behind the scenes processes.

We strive to be as transparent as possible so that you all feel confident with the technology and comfortable with the people who create it for you!

Click here or on the image below to view our first video on mold and pest reduction for sustainable growing. If you like what you see, subscribe to our channel! And stay tuned for more video emails as we enter the New Year.